Coordinators of the Cincinnati Music Festival have delayed their news meeting to uncover the current year’s festival lineup.

Cincinnati Music Festival Lineup Date

The declaration was initially booked to occur at 3 p.m. Tuesday in the East Club Lounge of Paul Brown Stadium.

“We will send a refreshed day and time for the declaration as completing subtleties are made to a vigorous 2020 Cincinnati Music Festival lineup,” expressed Rich Walburg, Director of Media and Creative Services for Game Day, the organization dealing with interchanges for festival coordinators, in a public statement.

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The 2020 music festival displayed by Procter and Gamble will be held July 23-25 in the arena. Joe Santangelo, proprietor of the Santangelo Group and long-lasting advertiser of the Cincinnati Music Festival was scheduled to share the lineup at Tuesday’s question and answer session.

Cincinnati Music Festival

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He was to be joined by Jason Dunn of the Cincinnati USA Convention and Visitors Bureau, Julie Kirkpatrick of Meet NKY and Bob Bedinghaus with the Cincinnati Bengals.

A year ago’s Cincinnati Music Festival included exhibitions by Mary J. Blige, Maxwell and Earth, Wind and Fire.

The Cincinnati Music Festival is one of the biggest urban music festivals in the nation and is Cincinnati’s biggest the travel industry few days of the year, as per an examination by the University of Cincinnati.

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