The newest teaming of ATP, Pitchfork and Primavera have included yet more behaves to the lineup for its initial Jabberwocky Festival.
Mute Records’ Liars have, since their inception in 2000, spent more than a decade honing their professionally implemented electronic dance-punk. Their continuous focus on rhythm and feel more than obvious elements is possibly shown best in their newly published and critically acclaimed seventh record’Mess’.

The festivals headliners are Neutral Milk Hotel, James Blake and Darkside, even though it’s pretty much gold all the way to the bottom-billed artists. Plus a whole lot more. It is kind of mad.

Jabberwocky Festival Video

They come to Jabberwocky to get a distinctive UK collection for 2014. The festival will take place in the ExCeL Centre in London Aug. 15 and 16, also it’s a fairly sweet lineup heading for this.

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